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USDA Organic Golden Orange Pekoe Black Tea

USDA Organic Golden Orange Pekoe Black Tea

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Grown in an award-winning USDA-certified organic tea garden without harmful pesticides or fertilizers and untouched by pollution, this pekoe brews a beautiful bright ruby tea with a subtle natural aroma and velvety flavor. Rich in antioxidants, it also helps improve focus without strong caffeine.

Tasting Notes

Natural Aroma, Velvety Flavour


20g Bag Size : 22x12 cm

50g Bag Size : 26x16 cm

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Award Winning Black Tea

Our organic teas are sourced from USDA-certified organic tea gardens. Not only do we adhere to the highest USDA organic standards, our organic black tea has also won the national Best Tea Award.

Organic Tea Garden

Unlike most mass-produced teas on the market, we carefully select and taste each tea tree to ensure superiority. Our leaves are full with tea buds, and all of them are hand-picked. It takes over 4 hours to pick just one pound of tea.