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Snow Mountain Hundred-Year-Old Ancient Tree Green Tea 2021

Snow Mountain Hundred-Year-Old Ancient Tree Green Tea 2021

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This delicate green tea is grown on Yunnan's Yong De Snow Mountain, where the oldest tea trees in the world are found, untouched by modern pollution and chemicals. The tea boasts a bright honey hue and smooth taste with a subtly sweet aroma of wild honey, tea flower, and very delicate woody notes.

Tasting Notes

Woody, Tea Flower, Wild Honey


20g Bag Size : 22x12 cm

50g Bag Size : 26x16 cm

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Hand-picked And Dried

We take pride in offering our hand-picked and dried wild ancient tree green tea, not only because it provides unique flavors and aromas that cannot be found in commercially-grown teas, but also because of its rarity.

Cleanest Tea You Can Find

Our wild green teas are sourced from tea trees that grow in the BangMa Snow Mountain region, known as the birthplace of the world's first tea trees. Situated at an elevation of approximately 2700 meters above sea level, this tea originates from ancient tea trees that have thrived for hundreds of years, making them true living fossils.

True Fair Trade

Purchasing from local communities creates economic opportunities and improves the livelihoods of tea farmers while empowering them to protect their environment. This is true Fair Trade in action.