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Collector’s 30-Year-Old Vintage Pu-Erh Tea (Unfermented)

Collector’s 30-Year-Old Vintage Pu-Erh Tea (Unfermented)

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Pu-Erh is a type of tea with over 800 years of history. Vintage Pu-Erh Tea is rare and highly sought-after due to its limited supply. Having been aged for over 30 years, this tea has developed incredible complexity and tremendous flavor. It is a dark amber color with a silky, mellow, and full-bodied taste that evokes the woody notes of aged tree bark. 

Tasting Notes

Silky, Mellow, Tree Bark


20g Bag Size : 22x12 cm

50g Bag Size : 26x16 cm

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Vintage Pu-Erh Tea

Well-aged, good-quality Pu-Erh tea is highly sought-after due to its limited quantity and exceptional characteristics. The quality of the tea leaves is paramount for any type of tea, and the aging process further enhances its rarity and desirability, similar to fine red wine.

From New Pu-Erh Tea To 40 Years Old Vintage Pu-Erh Tea

Storage Condition

Proper storage conditions play a crucial role in aging tea. Our teas are kept dry and clean, allowing for a slow and natural fermentation process. Well-stored Pu-Erh tea should exhibit a dry and woody taste, while vintage Pu-Erh teas may evoke the scent of the autumn forest.

Tea Colour

During the aging process, the color of the brewed tea undergoes a noticeable transformation. Initially, it may darken slightly from a bright green liquid to a golden or amber-hued liquid. With further aging, the color can deepen, yet the brewed tea remains bright, influenced by the tea's oxidation level and storage conditions

Health Benefits

In addition to its unique qualities, Pu-Erh tea, including our 30-year-old Pu-Erh, is believed to offer potential health benefits. It may support digestion, cardiovascular health, provide antioxidants, promote a healthy gut, and have a calming effect on mental well-being. Enjoy Pu-Erh tea as part of a balanced lifestyle and consult a healthcare professional for personalized advice.